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Kev's Blog | Full of useful tips on nuts and bolts | Namrick

Usefull Tips.

Morning people, today I've decided to try and help some of you with some useful nut and bolt tips. Sounds good right? Most people struggle to know what they're actually looking for, so here's some helpful facts for you. When identifying a bolt - you can check the head for markings, if it has an S then it means it's UNC or UNF. UNC - the C stands for coarse, UNF - the F stands for fine. So you're half way there, the diameter will need to be measured with a vernier or a ruler though. Sometimes it is easier to measure the diameter in mm and then just convert it, you can do this online if needed. If the bolt has an R on the head it is either BSW or BSF. It's kind of the same again BSF - the F stands for fine, BSW is also known as Whitworth and is the course version. If you wanted to go a little further then you could always build yourself a thread testing kit. Buy one nut in each diameter and thread type that you usually use and attach them to a board with the size marked above them. then every time you need to know which thread a bolt is, just try it in all the nuts and find out. I hope this will help some of you out there. I'll try to keep throwing out some useful tips now and again for all you followers. Like Mr Bacon once said - "Knowledge is power". Have a great day people! ;0)
Good morning Facebook and what a wonderful Monday morning it is.Today I'll give you another nut and bolt tip to help you out. If you want to know the tensile strength of a bolt, just look on the head. Metric bolts are usually marked with 8.8 or 10.9 which is the grade of the bolt. Imperial bolts have the letters that I mentioned in my last post. Grade S and R are a grade 5 in imperial terms which is the imperial equivalent to grade 8.8 metric. If there isn't a letter stamped on the head then you can see if it has 3 lines instead, this also stands for grade 5 or 8.8 grade. 6 lines is a higher grade, equivalent to 10.9 grade in metric.

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